The Arduous Journey Behind The Limelight of Success

Just because someone seems to be able to complete a task effortlessly, does not mean that he or she has not laboured hard behind your back.

Sometimes, we tend to misunderstand many things on the surface because of what we do not see behind our backs. Whenever you spot someone who is in good shape, you might feel that this person is naturally born with it; whenever you hear someone who is fluent in a second language besides his or her native one, you might feel that he or she must have been educated overseas and have natural talent in the language; whenever you meet someone with achievements that are not befitting his or her age and experience, you might suspect this person must have got solid backing from the family or it is simply down to luck. You might feel that no matter how much effort you are putting in, everything just seems futile in contrast.

However, for a person to achieve the kind of result that sets him or her apart from the rest, more often than not, boils down to many mon…

And So Your Adventure Continues On...

The ending is only a brief moment in time, but your journey is something that will stay with you forever.
Many a times, it is very easy for you to get upset when things do not go your way, sometimes to the extent of thinking you somehow just do not fit in this world. The other person’s path always seems to be smoother; the other person’s resources seem to be larger; the other’s person’s always seem to achieve the things they want much easier than you do. When your reasonings always veer toward your comparison with others, when will finally it be your turn?
However, hard work is something that cannot be taken away from you no matter what. Looking back at the journey you have been through thus far, you would have known you are way stronger than you were before; you would have known you have grown far more than you imagine. Perhaps you may not have reached that destination that you originally wanted for yourself, but you would have seen and enjoyed sceneries nobody has ever experienced fo…

Be Ready For The Best Moments of Your Life

The moment you have chosen to leave, your ensuing focus ought to be on how you should move on forward there and then. The moment you have decided on next move, you must never hesitate on going back. The moment you have made your choice, you must never think at any given moment if any other moves would have yielded a much better outcome or not.
As a matter of fact, there is barely enough time for you to show reluctance in anything in Life. It is either you choose to do what you have always liked to do for yourself, or you like to do what you have chosen to do for yourself; and there is never a need to compare your choice with the choices of others, for there are way too many options to have in this world and you would have lost the beauty of its original intention after comparison.
No one is perfect in this world, neither does the perfect choice exist at all throughout history. Moreover, you will definitely be able to discover the loopholes and find room for more improvement no matter wh…

If You Are Already Willing to Sacrifice Who You Are, What Rights Do You Have to Speak for Your Future?

If you are someone who is afraid of confrontation and conflicts and would prefer to be the "good person" instead, you are setting yourself up in a very disadvantageous position.

Why do some people prefer to play the part of the good guy? Why is it that being that good guy almost always entails self-sacrificing?
In fact, choosing to stifle who you are just so you can please others often indicates an inability to be independent at the subconscious level.
As long as you have established your own mental model and make a stand on your own, you would be able to stand your own ground to decide for yourself if "this decision is necessary for myself". Of course, there will be times when the judgements of others are against what you stand for.
"Since both parties have differing views, we should then resolve this problem through constructive discussions." However, whenever someone else disagrees with the good guy's opinions, he or she often lacks the kind of reason…

It's Never Hard Making Decisions For Yourself

Whenever you feel stuck in a rut, you probably at some point would have asked someone else for advice on how you should proceed with your own Life from here. Oftentimes after hearing out from others, the majority of us feel we have remained stuck and would do pretty much nothing to salvage the situation. In other words, the underlying problem remains there unresolved. As time goes by, you realized you are left with little to no choice and eventually, the only option is to accept your fate and live the remaining days wondering all the what-ifs.
Have you ever given yourself some serious thought on perhaps why the matters that cause your misery never seem to get resolved? I reckon the reason may be more simple than you thought: You do not wish to sacrifice or give up any of your curent benefits that come with your current dire situation; in addition to that, you demand and expect the situation to change in your favour just by waiting things out.
That is where the deadknot in our Life appea…

Our Inadequacies In Life Are Irrelevant

Many a times, the very reasons why we are unable to live our lives happily are due to the fact that we have grown to put too much attention on the opinions of others; we have grown to become less sensitive to many of the simple things which used to fill us with happiness; and we have grown to see the world with a much narrower view than ever before.

Moreover, all of us are living in a society that constantly reminds us of our own inadequacies. No matter whether it is television advertisements, social media, or other relatives, salesmen and saleswomen trying their best to convince you with "This is for your own good.", all of these are only suggesting that your contributions, whatever you have achieved thus far, are not good enough for what you are worth. The only gripe with all these is that all of these portrayals are, more often than not, on the extreme upper end of the echelon. However, they have all been served to us as standards and the social norm; that not owning this…

The Opportunities Towards Life Fulfilment is Hidden Within Yourself

Go ahead and do what you have always wanted to do, work hard and bring yourself closer to living out the kind of life that you have always wanted to live. No one will ever know what the outcome will be, nor will anybody give you the assurance that everything will work out well. However, if you never attempt to work towards it, there is definitely no chance that you will ever reach your goals. 
If possible, anyone would wish to make the choice that will lead to the best outcome. However, nothing in this world is perfect. No matter how much effort you put in to craft out that ideal situation you have always envisioned yourself in, there will always be shortcoming that presents itself in other ways; however inadequate you may feel at each moment,  there will always be avenues for you to work towards in Life. 

For an eventual outcome to turn out for the best, you will have to commit a whole lot of work on your part; for an eventual outcome to become the best, you will have to drown out the …