It's Never Hard Making Decisions For Yourself

Whenever you feel stuck in a rut, you probably at some point would have asked someone else for advice on how you should proceed with your own Life from here. Oftentimes after hearing out from others, the majority of us feel we have remained stuck and would do pretty much nothing to salvage the situation. In other words, the underlying problem remains there unresolved. As time goes by, you realized you are left with little to no choice and eventually, the only option is to accept your fate and live the remaining days wondering all the what-ifs.

Have you ever given yourself some serious thought on perhaps why the matters that cause your misery never seem to get resolved? I reckon the reason may be more simple than you thought: You do not wish to sacrifice or give up any of your curent benefits that come with your current dire situation; in addition to that, you demand and expect the situation to change in your favour just by waiting things out.
That is where the deadknot in our Life appea…

Our Inadequacies In Life Are Irrelevant

Many a times, the very reasons why we are unable to live our lives happily are due to the fact that we have grown to put too much attention on the opinions of others; we have grown to become less sensitive to many of the simple things which used to fill us with happiness; and we have grown to see the world with a much narrower view than ever before.

Moreover, all of us are living in a society that constantly reminds us of our own inadequacies. No matter whether it is television advertisements, social media, or other relatives, salesmen and saleswomen trying their best to convince you with "This is for your own good.", all of these are only suggesting that your contributions, whatever you have achieved thus far, are not good enough for what you are worth. The only gripe with all these is that all of these portrayals are, more often than not, on the extreme upper end of the echelon. However, they have all been served to us as standards and the social norm; that not owning this…

The Opportunities Towards Life Fulfilment is Hidden Within Yourself

Go ahead and do what you have always wanted to do, work hard and bring yourself closer to living out the kind of life that you have always wanted to live. No one will ever know what the outcome will be, nor will anybody give you the assurance that everything will work out well. However, if you never attempt to work towards it, there is definitely no chance that you will ever reach your goals. 
If possible, anyone would wish to make the choice that will lead to the best outcome. However, nothing in this world is perfect. No matter how much effort you put in to craft out that ideal situation you have always envisioned yourself in, there will always be shortcoming that presents itself in other ways; however inadequate you may feel at each moment,  there will always be avenues for you to work towards in Life. 

For an eventual outcome to turn out for the best, you will have to commit a whole lot of work on your part; for an eventual outcome to become the best, you will have to drown out the …

Be The Judge Of Your Own Life

When you are living the high life, there will be people who feel you are someone who likes to show off; when you are down and out, there will be people who feel you do not put in enough effort to improve yourself. When you finish your work fast, there will be people who mock you for not being challenged with enough workload; when you are trying to be meticulous in completing your work, there will be people who resent you for moving things too slowly. Trying to stay positive has turned into naivety for others, and staying negative has turned into passivity for others. Being labelled as a workaholic and someone who has no social life simply for knocking off late for work, and being described as someone who likes to goof off and not serious at work simply for getting off work early.

The world we are living in has always been like that, no matter how hard you try to change yourself, there will always have others who never quite understand your intentions; even if you have put in your best …

The Laws of Physics Inform Us Something About Life

Most, if not all, of us would like to believe that there is a force leading us along. I would like to think that this force of nature is likely not an act of God, but rather, it is the force of the Universe: The Laws of Physics and complex mathematical equations.
The First and Second Laws of Thermodynamics are possibly the most fundamental law when it comes to explaining the physical nature in this Universe. The First Law of Thermodynamics is also widely known as the Law of Conservation of Energy, whereas the Second Law of Thermodynamics explains that in any systems, given time, will experience an increase of entropy when undergoing a natural process. Chaos will strike in and throw the system into disarray. A building will gradually collapse after long period of neglect; people will eventually grow and wither away from existence; mountains and coastlines will constantly be shifted and eroded away. 

In other words, the fate of the Universe will gradually become more and more disorganized…

Can Your Passion Put You On The Easiest Path To Success?

Open up any newspaper or magazines and you probably would almost always find articles about successful people saying the reason they achieve success is largely because they have listened to their own inner voices to go against the grain and follow their own intuition. Career consultants and self-help books will probably also tell you that in order to find meaning in the work you do. However, the co-founder of the popular Life Design Lab at Stanford, Bill Burnett, thinks that "following your passion" is a dysfunctional advice anyone could ever give.
According to the Director of the Center on Adolescence at Stanford University, Professor William Damon, only 25% of the young people aged 12 to 26 know where their passion and interests lie, while the remaining 75% are simply clueless. The studies also revealed that for most cases, personal interests only start to surface after several attempts at trying out something. Therefore, we can all be glad that designing a good life does n…

Everyone That Crosses Your Path in Life Serves A Certain Purpose

If you are one of those "minority" who are constantly seeking for ways to get away from what the majority view as the "appropriate" and typical way of living and attempt to live out what they could not, you must be prepared to undergo loneliness every once in a while and often, the many criticisms and judgments from them that come along with it.
You ought to treat these criticisms as some positive signals given to you. When someone voices an opinion of you, you should seek it as an avenue to understand yourself better. Our lives are set up to be a lifelong journey of learning from the moment we are born, and it is only through this process of learning that we are able to grow and refine ourselves as a living being.

We must never have the stereotype that learning can only be done by rote. Imagine your everyday surroundings and having the company of someone, perhaps a simple conversation with a friend, or that stranger you noticed on the street talking on the phone w…