Our Minds May Be Limited In Its Vision, But It Is Limitless In Its Ability To Amaze

Oftentimes, we envy the happy lives of others, simply because we focus only on that part of their lives and neglect the rest.

A human's optical field of view is approximately 120 degrees wide. As with the mind's perspective, the focus has also its limits. Whenever we focus our attention on one certain matter, many other things very often get blurred out.

This is the main reason whenever something bad arises, you tend to put the blame on yourself for having bad luck, and questioning yourself why you did what you did to screw things up. This is also the very reason whenever something good befalls somebody else and not you, you tend to think that this other person is living an overall better life than you do. Just as how the focus of a person's eyes determines the objects he or she sees, the focus of your own emotional state will determine how you feel at any given point in time. Just as how the focus of a person's eyes determines the objects he or she sees, the focus of …

Preach Only What You Know, Accept What You Unwittingly Know, Never Take To Heart What You Do Not Already Know

Preach only what you know: Whenever someone goes around saying things he does not know, he will inadvertently hurt someone else in the process, sometimes even to the extent of getting hurt himself. Everyone will no longer believe the words you say, and you live in the fear of other's suspicions.
Accept What You Unwittingly Know: Life, in and of itself, is an accident by means of fate, and it all started the minute you were born. It does not matter whether it is the fact that you overheard someone spreading rumours about you, or you being totally unprepared in losing a relationship, or being forced to step down from your job, whenever such events occur, it would be better if you prep yourself up for the next phase of the journey instead of resisting it with all your might. For all you know, such incident would have been perfect gift wrap for the next present you are about to receive.
Never Take To Heart What You Do Not Already Know: Certain matters or events in Life are not meant t…

Knowing Where Your Passion Lies Does Not Guarantee You Success in Life

Oftentimes, we do not understand the difference between discovering your own Passion and achieving Success. Even if some of us are indeed lucky to have figured out your own passion and that relentless motivation to stick by it at a very early age, it does not necessarily mean you will automatically be successful. If you have ever come across any of the mainstream motivational courses, spiritual studies, success speeches or articles by some of the most famous and influential people in the world, you would realize a recurring theme across most of them, and that is "you must love what you do in order to be successful". It naturally gives us the signal that in order to perform our job well, we must first be intrinsically motivated to love it. Conversely, it also means to say that if we do not have burning passion in the work we do, we can never perform well in any of our work. However, this recurring theme that these successful people often advocate misleads us into a form of mi…

To The Ones Who Feel Lost In Life, Start Getting Clear On This First

It is very common to find people in the early 20's, especially the ones who are going to be graduating from university soon and the ones who start to find themselves stranded in the competitive environment that is the workforce, encounter this conundrum that Life has to offer, but the current education system never quite prepares us for: "My passion is in doing THIS but I can't seem to find a good use for it in this society, what do I do?". Before delving into this topic, it is important to understand the difference between Talent and Passion;many of us assume that Talent and Passion are the same. However, Talent often seems to mean a natural tendency to perform a particular task very well without much guidance. A God's gift to you, if you will. However, a particular skill that you are able to master almost effortlessly does not necessarily mean you are passionate in doing it every waking moment of your Life; it does not necessarily mean you have the motivation t…

What Is To Give Light Must Always Endure The Burning

Never ever doubt yourself. You can never stop anyone from trying to put you down, but no one can ever stop you from deciding that you want to become better for yourself. In your lifetime, there lies three main types of relationship in this world: a relationship with yourself, a relationship with loved ones, and a relationship with the world. The most important relationship is with Yourself. Everything else is secondary, for however you see for yourself, the world shall represent itself in your own way.
Oftentimes, you will come to realize there are many obstructions that will attempt to stop you in your tracks whenever you are hard at work trying to be better. There are some who will stand on one side and make a mockery out of you; there are others whose contributions may unintentionally nullify most of what you have contributed thus far; there will also be some who will intentionally beat you down and bring you back to square one. The most painful part is that after a certain period o…

Focus On Being Better For Yourself, Not On Being Great For Others

You won’t necessarily become great just by having a dream, but that dream of yours will allow you to have a direction in Life. Your dream will serve as the beacon of hope for yourself and the many others involved when darkness starts to engulf your inner thoughts. However, with nothing set in stone at the start, there will always be many obstacles that stand in your way. These obstacles will constantly attempt to stray you away from that very distant dream of yours. Hence, it is imperative that we prepare ourselves well in order to defuse such negative thoughts as and when they come.

Oftentimes, our way of thinking is a form of habit. When we are faced with a seemingly unsurmountable challenge, it can be easy to suddenly fall weak on our knees and spiral ourselves into a negative thought cycle over time. Our minds often have this ability to reinforce these negative thoughts unconsciously once confronted with any resistance coming from us on trying to force them out. Negative contents a…

Hard Work Is The Only Controllable Part On Your Journey To Success

Imagine you are about to go on a date with your crush, and even if you have been busy the whole day and exhausted, you would still happily dress yourself up for the occasion just so you can fulfill this wonderful date that makes you happy. Just like setting yourself up with that lifelong dream of yours, you do not just kind of want to realise it, you are very determined to achieve it at whatever the cost. This cause of yours will get your adrenaline pumping, makes you want to jump out of bed in the morning to get on with doing that one thing without much hesitation. Simply because this is your Dream, your Achievement, your source of Happiness, and you could only wish you have 48 hours in a day to work so that you can bring yourself that much closer to achieving it.
Many successful entrepreneurs probably do not have the luxury of sleeping six to eight hours every day, and have you ever wondered why they still appear radiant in front of the world everytime they step out? The main reason …